About Moriah Events 

Moriah Events is a professional Mobile Disc Jockey company that provides mobile DJ services for a wide variety of events throughout the Hampton Roads area. We aspire to make your special event memorable by delivering on our promise to be the best at what we do. To achieve this we:
  • We promise to provide the highest level of customer service before, during and after every event.
  • We promise to be courteous and accommodating.
  • We promise that you and and your guest will be thoroughly entertained.

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Jason A. Moriah

Master of Ceremonies & Disc Jockey

“Versatile, creative and fun.”

That’s how Jason describes his musical style as a DJ. Never afraid to think outside the box to create selections that are sure to keep the party going. Today, this translates his music into what he calls “versatile, creative and fun,” and it’s his passion for music that sets him apart from other DJ’s.

A Guyanese Native, Jason grew up in the Caribbean where he was exposed to diverse ethnic backgrounds and musical experiences. “I grew up listening to just about everything, for me music is part of my culture, its’ a part of who I am”.  Jason believes that his success as a DJ depends on his ability to engage his audience, get them dancing and take them on a musical journey. “For me, the biggest compliment is to have guests come over to me at the end of the night and say “you did a great job!"